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isn't it amazing that human beings are so clever for ex. you, :innocent: you are so clever that you accept the challenge of answering our dumb >.< questions?

anyway i will see the answer tomorrow because its bedtime. :zZZ:

Yes, it is. I dunno why I even spend time typing this

ROFLEZ, its 13:20 PM!!

It is over at you dumbf***'d americans. We others is some hours before you

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hmm.......do you have four accounts???
How come???

Because although the almighty Gof may gather in many forms, they all gather together in a collective state of one :worship:

Gof am I still MTB whore no.2?

You are the pwnage MTB whore n1. ;)

i have only one account; ^_^

I have proved that! -_-

anyway, What is :wub: love :wub: ?

1: no

2: lol

3: my 10h solo, go see it

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