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  1. Those were made by someone else but this is one I made myself ... Not to good though ... Try it ! Click Here Note : If you have problems with posting the image, press Printscreen, save it, Cut+Paste the character and the background into a new file and then host it ... Also, not only GTA chatacters
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    Type your name(s)

    szokc a CXiuy gaB VRIUEWL LOL My hand slipped and I touched the CAPS Lock button
  3. all good, first semester of faculty is over and right now I'm on vacation so I have nothing to do except watching a lot of movies and reading books. What've you done lately ? :D

  4. how are ya ? :D

  5. I'm fine, been really busy these times, I'm on the first year of faculty(?) but my exams are over so I'm on vacation. I can't believe how fast time flies. what've you been doing lately ? :D

  6. how are you ? still humiliating trolls nowadays ?

  7. how are you mate ? :D

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    Google your username

    Bump! *stealing WRX22B1998's idea* http://lmgtfy.com/?q=GycuBrun As expected coming from my original username *smug* dozens of sites/forums from my account ( tgtap,youtube videos, deviantart, photobucket etc. )
  9. sweet vacation!

  10. Haha good one, people tried to fool me all the time today but I didn't fell for it, this succedeed though. I just wanted to check this place up totally forgetting about the whole April's Fools Day ) Good work Chris.
  11. Gycu

    Driver Parallel Lines Help

    About Getaway Survival I currently have 9 completed but I can't seem to find the last one. As of my "Stats" I have Harlem, Edgewater, Jersey, Financial, Village, Bronx, Steinway, Long Island, Kearny I consulted many walkthroughs but no location written,also I found on the side-missions map a point called GS - Redhook ( in New Jersey next to the north park ). I've completed that one succesfullybut still no display in "Stats". Any ideas what the last point is called really and where it is located ? please If requested I will upload a game screen of Stats > (Getaway) Survival. Thanks in advance.
  12. Gycu

    Driver Parallel Lines Help

    I found the sollution to my problem, it was an error in the side-missions map so it had a different name( switched ). But now I can't seem to find the World Fair Park Checkpoint Race in 2006, I don't see it anywhere, maybe the side missions map is wrong again. :|
  13. time passes me by ( not referring to the Vice City cheat)

  14. Gycu

    Driver Parallel Lines Help

    As far as I know there are many gamers on this forum so I tought there are great chances some may have played Driver PL and completed it. Sherman is right, people here don't worship that much GTA, they play something else from time to time I think. Thanks for the advice WRX.
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    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    I know the feeling "meng" )) summer '07 was great. I still miss GTAPlayer and CroScorpion.
  16. Gycu

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    Returning to old habits Silberio? (random posts in RPT, this time v2.0) Brings back memories ...
  17. Gycu

    like kokane said LOL @ your status :))) I was shocked when I saw it, good one =))

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    What are you listening to right now?

    Immortal Technique - Caught in a hustle Amazing song period.
  19. Gycu

    Haiti Earthquake

    I am not really sure but I beieve it could be considered a religion, I know about the rituals and faith in some sorth of spirits related to Voodoo, rituals + faith makes a religion right? Of course I could be very wrong acutally, in that case I'm very sorry . I'm not really pissing on people's religion or anything but the "fanatics" are the ones that really make me feel pity for them.
  20. Gycu

    Haiti Earthquake

    I apologize for bringing the religious topic in this but the cynism of some people never ceases to amaze me, I would like to slap someone asap. I read on a site that because most of the population in Haiti are practicing Voodoo ( considered a pagan religion by Christians ) God punished them and many quotes from the Bible were listed about Christ and praying for forgiveness of our sins otherwise we'll all end up like the Haitians. A moron with this type of mentality, and I could name a few if not many, would probably say "I'm a Christian, I believe in Heaven/Hell, I will never judge people and help both my friend and my enemy when needed. What? The quake in Haiti? Well fuck em, they are spirit worshipping poor people and they fully deserved it for not believing in our God, I believe in Him therefore I am saved and will end up in Heaven anyway." After a facepalm I would sarcasticly reply: "Ok, you are so right, a real winner you are. It's best to judge and generalise instead of helping persons without prejudice about their faith and vision upon the world, continue with this mentality please." What more can I say?
  21. Gycu

    Melting Here

    Bump! Not even half the winter here, -4 degrees Celsius, so damn cold and it snows all day, it sucks, I'm so tired of winter, I real envy those who live in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying the summer
  22. Gycu

    Big Community Thread

    Life bitchslaped me again today, two friends broke their word and it wrecked my whole day. Oh my, this was a hell of a week for me, waking up in a good mood but having the worst days. It helped me realise what entuziasm an optimism can do to a man. I'm so sick of this time of life ( late adolescence ) when any trouble is like the end of the world. Conclusion: I will avoid entuziasm and will always expect worse, because I'm tired of disapointements and it's better that way. Loneliness these days ( or maybe so far the entire life ) is demoralising me, throwing me in the abyss with toughts of a sad and lonely death. Seing all the people happy and in good mood everyday increases the sadness. I'm fully aware of that whole "this is life, it'll all pass, good times will come" stuff but I just see them far away, when I'm happy I'm happy when I'm sad I'm sad, that's it. I'm sorry for the corny lines, I have a manner to do this, also I could care less if anybody reads what I just wrote, because I know who reads (if) gives a c**p... I'm just applying writing therapy therefore I'm a boredom spreader. Notice the egocentrism in my post, almost each sentence starts with "I".
  23. Gycu

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    Totally agreed, I was in a hury when I wrote my post, Ice Cube is great, I can't get enough of It was a good day, Gangsta rap made me do it & Why we thugs, Natural born killaz ft. Dre. I somehow detest "gie" gangsta rap type but Ice Cube is an exeption. More I like to add are: Will Smith- somehow great for parties imo, producers - Dr. Dre hands down. Outside the subject I like DJ Green Lantern ( colaboration with Immortal Technique ) and DJ Babu ( Dilated Peoples ) both with amazing skills.
  24. Gycu

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    Before I start I believe the name of the topic is unintentionally a great pun: Whos ( as in sluts ) who are best rapper(s) alive . ) I don't listen to mainstreammuch, but I could mention some rappers which in my opinion are great Eminem, great flow & crazy lyrics not to mention the beats which are also great. Best with his group D12. Snoop, great voice, sometimes funny/legendary lyrics and also the beats ( Dre ftw!). Great at parties and when just chillin'. Immortal Technique, not mainstream, but amazing story-telling ability/lyrics and attitude. Perfect for parties: Xzibit, DMX, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Kanye West.