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After listening to Chatterbox, i noted that woman calls claiming that she has a organization called "C.R.A.P.", and that they are against phones.

Well, i was playing one day, and started to think "Hmm, that woman sounded pretty stupid, kinda, because of the "nany nany booboo" and then i saw this woman in blue that goes around in LC, this one with blue sweater, shorts, hat and white tennis (shoes), that looks pretty...eh...childish, and i thought, meaby thats the one that calls to Chatterbox, more ideas anyone?

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Sure, why not.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one still analyzing Grand Theft Auto 3.

FYI: The 'C.R.A.P. caller' says that she has tried to use carrier pigeons to organize meetings, but that they keep disappearing. This fits together with a previous caller's topic. Early on in the broadcast, maybe even the first caller, talks about eating possum and squirels. Eventually this caller says that pigeons are good too, and sometimes they come with notes attached: "...they're like fourtune cookies with wings".

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