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A map mod I'm working on

Angry Gorilla

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This is as far as I got:


The Tetra Towers:

When I complete the mod it will have four skyscrapers (hence the name), all weapons, a few aircraft vehicles, a ghost ship, some yellow markers, a lopsided construction crane, the large andromada and it's interior (if possible), some stunt areas and a special prop (GTA3 Logo).

What do you think? :)

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its off the north coast of san fierro isnt it

For now it is, but I plan to move it elsewhere.

And I have good news, I managed to get the Andromada interior into the main world, but unfortuately it's not solid and CJ falls through it. And because I didn't quite get the yellow markers ready I had to do the Stowaway mission and save my coordinates on the plane with the teleport function on GTA SA Crazy Trainer +151.

I also had to use the Jetpack Function on it ;)

Still, it's quite exciting to be inside the interior when you're free-roaming.



and a surprise, should I wish to add it in the final version.


I should have a BETA version next week :gappy:

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why not add it as a link and upload on anther site?

I would do, but I don't want to register to yet another website as I have done with:



and I tried to register to The3Eds but the email never came.

I think I'll wait until the uploader works again (I might decide to nag Chris to death, but then again I might not :P )

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You mentioned falling through the Andromeda. Have you tried anything w/ collision files for it?

Also is this an IPL mode or a script edit?

IPL Mode.

I'm using solid props from the BARRIERS.IDE file (security gates) because they cover a large amount of area while being thin.

Here's a picture.


Here you can see the gates that allow CJ to walk on the Andromada floor, plus the long blue barriers that blocked the tunnels in GTA3 stops CJ from walking through the Andromada walls and stops the camera from moving outside the Andromada interior through its walls or ceiling. ^_^

I ran the game and corrected any rogue props poking out of the walls, floor and ceiling, which was hard thirsty work.

You can see the blue barriers at the top of the image.

I'm not sure if the Andromada props will be covered, still. ;)

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