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Pre-order yet?

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No, it ain't cancelled, its due for mid 2008 I think, which is a shame cos I've been dying to play it for ages! It looks amazing, just haven't seen any new screenshots for a while I don't think

Hold man. I did'nt say was cancelled. I said I thought it got cancelled. And your not the only one waitin to play it bud. Looks amazing. Oh, and the weather effects, don't even get me started. For some reason, when I see Alan Wake I think GTA IV.

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Wow that's pretty early rockstarrem. I'm probably gonna pre-order soon or might just buy it when it comes out I'll see.

Yeah, I'm paranoid. Plus I like to show this one idiot at EB Games that my dad doesn't care about me playing M games. The guy pisses me off, whenever I get a M game he has this whole serious look on his face like I shouldn't have it. But yeah, it's mostly because I'm paranoid :P.

dude i hear you man. this guy threw i fit because i told him that i pre ordered the collector's edition of GTA IV paid in cash(with my moms, the cool parent that couldn't care less about the ESRB) before his broke ass

could fork over for minimum for the game($10) :rofl2:

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