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What came first at the beginning? Chicken or Egg?


What came first at the beginning of the life of a Chicken?  

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  1. 1. What came first?

    • Chicken
    • Egg

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actually what came first was the evolutionary step back, the jungleflow. the ancestor of the chicken.

there was a defect in the genes that made a chicken inside an egg.

meaning the egg came first. then the chicken made constantly defective offspring (the chicken) with other jungleflow, making actually more chickens then there are jungleflow.


If you guys think that the chicken came from another specie of bird, where did the other of specie of bird come from? It must of had an egg before it as well.

you know, not all things lay eggs. the ancestors of the jungleflow could have not laid eggs, but a reproductional defect or crossbreed could have made it lay eggs instead of give birth.

Don't you mean junglefowl? There is no such thing as a jungleflow.

And would you care to show me a bird that does not lay eggs? I've never heard of such a thing. Ever.

And you guys are looking at this wrong. It is not a literal question. I don't think it is actually asking if the CHICKEN or the CHICKEN'S EGG came first, but instead using those as examples of sorts. Blegh, fuck explaining what I'm trying to say. I'm tired and hungry.

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