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GTA1 runs REALLY fast


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I have 2 questions

1. This happens only for GTA 1 or for other games too ?

2. This happened after you installed the game or it worked fine until one day ?

Scan you PC incase you have viruses, or uninstall the game ( and then reinstall it)

If it doesn't work then maybe there are some problems in the registries ... You can use RegCleaner ( I think you can download it for free on any site , just google it ) to clean up the GTA 1 Registry, this way is like you never installed the game onto your machine ... I had the same problem with FIFA 05 ...

Works like this

1.You start the program ( after installing it :) )

2.Check the list for GTA 1, select it and then press the Remove button

3. Uninstall the game

4. Reinstall it

Dunno if it works 100%

I'm sorry if I didn't helped ... At least I can try ...

Edit: I cheked out the net and found out there is a program that works for any game ( maybe ), it's called SPEED GEAR

Dunno how or if works ...

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No No No.... You have to change the frame limiter to make it slower and at a normal speed. First of, Press F11 and then choose any of the listed resolutions. Mainly, I use 1024x768x32 as the main resolution, so I suggest you use it. But after thats done, the gameplay becomes a bit jerky, so what I would do is press F8 to turn off the frame limiter.

So Now, it should run perfectly and normally.

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