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SA:MP Dead?

SA:MP Dead?!  

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Well as you can see for yourself on the SA:MP Website they say that SA:MP is dead. They stopped. So everyone was really confused. Now I was just playing on Partyserver (How the f*ck? Just add it to your favs and you can play) and an Admin of SA:MP said that he wanted to get it back in development and stuff and don't want to stop. So as you can see it is not sure. Further you can just play if you add the server to your favorites. Only thing is the master server doesn't works anymore and they stopped the development of a new SA:MP update and stuff. So the client still works.

Leave your opinions and talk about it here :)

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I play SAMP for more than half year, and just got shocked when I saw this. I don't want SA:MP to close down , was to cool. Hope they change their minds and get back developing it and make new anti-cheat devices to stop cheaters from servers that ruin all the fun.

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First off, I think hackers are low life scum. They love to get attention and have fun by ruining fun for many, many people.

I started my own SA:MP clan in May and it did very very well we had a full server everyday and had 55 clan members and had a very good script but a few events caused us to temporarily close it while me and my co-leader worked on a better script and redo it but we will still come back as planned but we will have to host it ourselves as littlewhitey, the owner of gta-host.com who hosted us in the past may shut down GTA-Host because most of his business came from SA:MP servers but the message also says that SA:MP may be restarted by a few people from the former development team


Following the closure of SA-MP.com, GTA-Host's future is uncertain. The majority of our customers were renting SA:MP servers and since there isn't much point in doing so anymore, the amount of income generated will decrease - most probably to a rate where it is no longer financially viable for GTA-Host to continue.

If this is the case, then please accept my apologies. It's been fun running GTA-Host - I've got to know lots of great people. I'm just sorry that things are coming to such an abrupt ending.

I'll update this message when I find out more about the situation - there is a chance that SA:MP be restarted by some of the members of the former development team. If this is the case then GTA-Host should be able to continue running as per usual. :)

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Seriously this sucks big floppy donkey dicks. Finally i find a game i like and that i can code my own server. Wich i've been doing for the past 2 months not knowing anything and started it from scratch too. Now I got the hang of the coding language no problem. Now i was coding away waiting impatiently for 0.2.5 update wich they said was at 70%. All of a sudden i go on sa-mp one fine morning to get KAPUT!. Like why should we all suffer for some lame ass hackers. I love sa-mp and love what they did to allow me to play my favorite game multiplayer. Im so sad to hear this. I just hope it comes back and releases the update and continue this kick ass program. The hell with hackers. If someone in real life tells me hes a hacker im gonna punch is damn lights out. Responsible or not I don't care hackers are lame and have no lives. All they care about is ruining everyone around them. Its shitty that i only know VB in coding and not C++ cus if i understood it I would be the first one to ask if i could keep it going. PLEASE OH PLEASE DON"T LET SA-MP DIE.

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