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The Curse of the Man-Pig (Part 1)

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This is the first time I'm doing Fan-Fiction so please don't kill me.


JONNY: Beware the Man-Pig, he tried to kill me and my best friend Plank.

Carl looked at Plank, he's nothing more than a hunk of wood with a face drawn on it.

CARL: Ha ha ha!! Nice one stupid, as if that plank was real!

JONNY: Do not mock me and Plank, right ,Plank!


JONNY: (to Carl) Plank says you can fuck off!

CARL: I'l get that stupid plank!!

Carl tries hard to get his hands on Plank, but Jonny kicks him in the nuts.

CARL: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

JONNY: That's for laughing at Plank you stupid asshead!

CARL: When are you gonna grow up and realise that thing isn't real?

Kevin appears on his bike and tells Jonny off.

KEVIN: Leave Carl alone you airhead.

JONNY: He tried to kill Plank!

KEVIN: For the last time Jonny, that thing isn't real.

CARL: He tried to spook me with tales of the Man-Pig.

KEVIN: (to Carl) The Man-Pig is way too real.

Kevin helps Carl up from the floor and takes on a walk with him.

CARL: So what is the Man-Pig?

KEVIN: The Man-Pig is a fat naked guy with a pig's head, he wields a chainsaw and makes noises like a pig, every tuesday at midnight the Man-Pig looks for victims around this area and the woods, once he sees a victim he drags him to the top of Mount Chiliad and sacrifices them to the god Sockmehpeanis, the victim cries for help but the Man-Pig eats them alive once he slices their legs off with the chainsaw.

CARL: Gross.

KEVIN: Tell me about it, now I must go play with Nazz before its midnight.

Carl wanders off into the night, Kevin and Nazz run into Kevin's house, Carl is all alone in the neighbourhood and he is now wandering where to hide before the Man-Pig strikes again, along the way he saw Eddy trying to get rid of the Kankers and walks off to ask Eddy a question.

CARL: How do I hide from the Man-Pig? Eddy.

EDDY: I'l tell you...for 50 cents!

CARL: You Cheapskate, tell me now.

LEE: Oh don't worry, we'll extract the infomation from Eddy. Right Girls?

MARIE: Yeah...for 50 dollars.

CARL: What!!!

MARIE: Just kidding.

EDDY: Okay I'l tell you, to hide from the Man-Pig you must hide in a house.

CARL: But I don't live here.

EDDY: Then you and the Kankers can burn in hell! HA HA HA!!!

Carl walks off into the dark streets, all the lights on the lamp posts have gone out...


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