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Sterio Mix for sound


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Hey folks, anybody know how I can set my settings to Sterio Mix instead of recieving sound from my mic. I want it through my speakers instead! I had it before... Somehow switched to My Mic, if anybody knows how to do this could you please tell me? I am sure it is simple. :coolthumbup:

Disconnect your microphone. Should work. And how are you getting sound FROM the mic anyways?

If not, it'll be in the control suite for your soundcard, or the mobo one if you have incorporated sound, easiest on an MSI mobo.

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No luck Llama man :( I disconected my mic :( Still doesn't work.

I used to have intel audio studio where I could click on sterio mix but it is gone now! :o I tried re installing but it says its always a wrong version.

Do you have a littl icon in the system tray that says 'sound effect'? If so, click it and post back here.

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