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Orange CJ Clothes


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Well I could do that... But I don't know which files to edit... Know what I mean?


for the orange cap...u can edit the green one...wearing on which u will still gain respect..if no edit any other cap from the game

Well, for the shirt u need, u can edit any 'HOODY' <green=respect> ..change the collar..add the central lining of buttons..add 2 pockets on front side...DONE

If not using Adobe, u can get the orange cloth texture in another t-shirt which is one of the Prolaps- T <don't change prolaps one, copy its front and back textue into the one u r making>

wearing some black pants or Camos will look good....but blue jeans owns

LET me kno whether this helped

EDIT : well i got it just now...another idea :

i think its the Bowling shirt in ZIP which is light blue in colour...just use paint to invert its colours and u get an orange one...if not...try any blue full sleeve shirt to invert colours or i think the BLUE HOODY will work good...

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