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Avenging Angels Guide


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Avenging Angels Guide


Portland - Bulletproof Avenger

Staunton - No losing weapons when busted

Shoreside Vale - Hero Garb outfit

Note: The Bulletproof Avenger is only obtainable once and should be put in a garage as before saving. The Avenger is just a bulletproof and more durable version of the Angel. It is not any faster than the original Angel.

Getting Started: First, you’ll need to go to one of your safehouses and put on your Avenging Angel Fatigues. They are unlockable after the mission “Frighteners”.

Where To Go:

In Portland, the best place to get an Avenging Angel is at Chinatown, more found at the Kurowski Train Station.

In Staunton, they can be found in west Aspatria near Hogs ‘n’ Cogs (Bike Salesman) and in Belleville Park.

In Shoreside Vale, they’re found in Wichita Gardens in South Side Hoods turf.

What Vehicle To Use: I'd say always use a fast and/or durable four-door car. I say that because in case you lose a few Avenging Angels during the mission, you should have spare. Here is what to use if you’re going for speed or durability.

Speed- A car like a Leone Sentinel, Sentinel, Police, Forelli Exsess, or Bickle ’76 (Finish the Taxi Side-Mission) would be perfect if you’re on the speed and balanced durability side.

Durability- A car like a Patriot, Landstalker, Ambulance, or Cartel Cruiser is great for this mission. The Cartel Cruiser is the only one of the four, I notice, that doesn’t flip at extremely sharp turns so it’s basically perfect for the mission if you want durability.

Two-Door Cars- Only use two-door cars when an emergency. If your car is about to or blew up, then run to the next closest decent car, and then drive that until you can find one of the cars I recommended. You can also probably get to a fast sports car if time is low. Remember that you’ll have to have at least one Avenging Angel along so that you can continue the mission.

Motorbikes- This may be easier to use than a two-door car because you can do a drive-by from in-front. If you're going for speed, use a PCJ-600 or Angel. Use a Freeway or Sanchez for balanced speed and durability. A Faggio, obviously, isn't recommended but if you have lots of time on the clock and you don't want to fall off a lot, you can use the Faggio since it's the best bike at turning. When you need to gain speed from trying to chase speeding cars that criminals are in, then just lean forward when needed. Only use two-door cars or bikes if you're confident your Angel won't get killed.

Time: The time at the beginning is different from Vigilante. In Vigilante, you always start at five minutes. This is a little different. Here it’s like the Vigilante from previous GTAs. When you start the mission, there is typically 1:30 to 2:30 on the clock. The islands of Liberty City aren’t that big so it should be enough to do the level. Once you reach a double digit level, time should be more than enough and you won’t have to worry about it.

Weapons To Use: Finally, we get to the action. There are different methods to kill the trouble makers. One is that they might be in an alley and you have to get out of the car and kill them. When that happens, you whip out a Stubby or Spaz Shotgun. Another way the enemies are formed is that they might be all around a blown up car on fire. If that happens, don’t bother leaving your car, just do a drive-by on all of them. Make sure a criminals don’t get to the car and drags an Avenging Angel out. No matter what you do, once the door is opened, an Avenging Angel will come out and you’ll have to come out of the car to save him before the criminal kills him.

Next, the criminals may be in a car such as a Landstalker or Perennial that they stole and are driving around. Simply drive-by them until they bail out of the car and then use keep using the drive-by to blow the vehicle or just kill them. It doesn't really matter what SMG you have.

Sometimes, the gang members could spawn down in the subway. You can tell that they're down there by seeing if there's a down-facing triangle on the radar from the beginning of the level or close to the destination. Rarely for me the game can freeze coming down and from the subway. For fighting them, just go down there and use a shotgun to take them down.

Last, they might be in Freeways and Angels forming a “V” shape. No need to ram your vehicle into them to knock them down because if you do that with one of the durability vehicles I suggest, then they might just do a back flip and turn over. Plus, these guys can ride bikes so it would take a very big hit to get them down. Just drive-by them off the bike.

Criminals: The people you have to kill in this mission are criminals you see on the streets sometimes chased by cops in the street and the Bikers you see in the mission “Overdose of Trouble”. They will only wield melee weapons. They have Brass Knuckles, Katanas, and Meat Cleavers

Avenging Angel Involvement: Try to keep the Angels out of the action as best as you can if they don’t have melee weapons. You can get them to have melee weapons if they run through them but sometimes they don’t pick it up. You can try to let them get a kill once in a while but if you’re using a Shotgun, make sure they don’t get caught in the fire. Sometimes they don’t respond to a criminal hitting them so you have to kill them yourself.

Mission Difficulty: Overall, this mission is very easy to complete. The only thing you have to worry about is rival gang members shooting you while your doing business or that you don’t drive that well. This difficulty range on Portland is about 3/10 since there are no tricky roads. On Staunton, 5-6/10 since there’s this road that might trick you in eastern Staunton. On Shoreside Vale, it’s a 7-8/10 since every driving mission is difficult in Shoreside Vale since there are tons of tricky roads that you’re going to have to pause to your map for to see where they are. Plus, Cartel practically are crawling around the place.

Conclusion: The mission ends after level 15 for each island and the only ways to fail the mission is to get wasted, busted, or to run out of time. If you ran out of Avenging Angels to tag along with you, then you don’t have to go straight to the places they’re usually at because to help you, they randomly spawn at the streets you’re at.

If any errors are in this guide, just tell me. This also may be updated if I notice I missed anything.

Edited by Rashon.
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You may want to note that, in Portland specifically, a group of thugs can spawn down in a subway station, especially the one in the area closer to chinatown / Red light district. This had me confused for ages. I didn't register that the blips were downwards pointing triangles. Je suis un n00b.

I also recall them spawning in the tunnel that connects the Witchita Gardens area with the Escobar international are (near the base of the Elevation bridge). So be aware for places that maty be harder to access than you ay have first thought. ther than this, brilliant guide rashon. Full marks!

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Yeah, I did get confused the first time I did the Avenging Angel missions in Portland and had to go down to the subway when I had no idea when they were there. That's so good, I have to add a new section about that.

Lol n00b.

Joking, wonder why they got put down in that freakin' subway. Anyway, glad i helped.

Also, i would add that

the 'Avenger' motorcycle has a special paint job

? <- is this even true, or did i dream it up?

If not, it has an idenctical one to that of the 'Angel' motorcycle. Though the Chassis/ Body style remains exactly the same....

Maybe try to get pictures of map locations for the Avenging Angels spawn points, and potential spawn points for 'troublemakers' etc.

Edited by MrLlamaLlama
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I wouldn't want to detail anything about the Avenger but I was thinking of adding the spawn points of where the thugs would spawn if they were only in one place. I've only tested it on Portland and have that pretty much done, but I have to see the points where they would spawn in Staunton and Shoreside Vale.

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I wouldn't want to detail anything about the Avenger but I was thinking of adding the spawn points of where the thugs would spawn if they were only in one place. I've only tested it on Portland and have that pretty much done, but I have to see the points where they would spawn in Staunton and Shoreside Vale.

Riiight, in case of spoilers, etc? Understandable..... I will edit my previous post with spoiler tags.

Seems i remember Portland the best out of the three, actually, strange that.

Edit : Edited. Rofl.

Edited by MrLlamaLlama
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