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5 Things GTA IV may have


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The Cinematic Replay feature is actually cool. I tried it out on Halo 3 when I went to my friends house and it's actually good whenever you'd like to see some of your best parts of Halo 3, and the detail of the graphics engine is amazing, but if GTA IV had this, it would be okay, but then it would be copying Halo 3, wouldn't it? But if they make the Cinematic Replay more different from what Halo 3 has, we could possibly see this nice feature on IV for definite. That copies Halo 3's Idea of the Cinematic Replay, but making it even different means that we can experience it as well (People who don't own or like Halo 3). But for one, I'd like to see that come up, but in a way, I'd like to see it look more different from Halo 3, or that would be just plain copying.

Damn TM™ you're cool (for bringing this article to us, if it wasn't for us you'd be lame jk :D)!

Lame, B&? :P j/k

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I think that if they make that the player can only carry 3 weapons, like in true crime: new york or Scareface, they should make the weapons accessible in the trunk of your car just like in those games which was really cool and original because your car was always there with you. But i dont like the unfinished ending stuff cuz its too confusing and it enoys me. Well its gonna be a really nice game though.

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Unfinished ending - Most games don't have much replay value when you finish them, they just end up sitting on a shelf

or worse, go into the used game market (GASP!) where the makers don't make any money. The open endings leave the

chance of downloadable content which developers may or may not charge for. Even as a freebie, it encourages people

to hang onto their finished games (in the hope of playing new DLC) meaning fewer used copies & people wanting to play

have to buy a new one. Even though the price is only $20 or so at Wal Mart, they still make something off it.

One thing I never liked about GTA is that you could only fire SMG class weapons from cars & onlu straight out the sides

(or straight forward on bikes). By rights you should be able to use most of your weapons & have free aim from your car.


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