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Does any1 know if u can BUY CARS in GTA4

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Allegedly, people from R* have been looking in on some of the forums (this one included).

Use plain English, decent grammar & put a little thought into your posts.

Ironic - If one of the banned members from the last summer was actually Houser.

dont go off topic man

i think R* will make the buying cars in GTA IV

my guess

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When I played GTAIII for the very first time, I was crashing the car all over the place and noticed that you actually get money for crashing into other cars. At first I thought that might have been car insurance. Later I realised that it was just bonus money for causing general destruction.

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R* could use the realism angle to make the purchasing of cars an option that more people might take. By making the luxury/desirable cars extremely rare, i.e. you will spot one specific model maybe once a week (game time). So if you have money burning a hole in your pocket you can bypass all the hunting around & simply purchase the sports coupe of your dreams in no time at all.

I think that car show rooms would really add to the character of the game & just because they are selling cars doesn't mean that you can't steal from them (at the exspense of quite a few police stars).

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