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"no audio hardware"


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I have an Intel P4 2.4 Ghz with 512 MB Ram.

The game works quite perfectly fine with me.

But the problem is sound.

I only get the sound in the logo and intro movies.

And otherwise, theres no sound in the game.

When I go to options, the audio option is disabled

and when I put my mouse over it, it shows "no audio hardware"

I have two soundcards, One is Realtek 97 Audio with is built-in with the motherboard.

And the other one is a Creative Vibra 128 PCI.

It shows the same problem with both the sound cards.

"No Audio Hardware"

Is there any solution to this problem ?

How to get the sound .

How to make the game detect my sound card.

Is there some patch to it ? Some crack some fix ?

Or some audio configuration system or something.

Any solution to the problem ?

Help me out please.

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My first suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall the game. If you still have the problem check out Rockstar's website for any patches and fixes, try searching on Google for them too.

What was the point in posting you processor and ram sepcs? Bragging?

-COUGH- AMD Athlon 64-bit processor and 1GB of ram-COUGH- :rolleyes:

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I have a realtek 97 audio too!

I use that one (i only have that one) and the sounds work fine

And yes, try uninstalling it, and did you buy it from a pre-played place or off Ebay, because somthing must be busted so the players will want to sell / return it


try removing the other sound card and just use the realtek 97 audio instead

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