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The 'Silence is Golden' advertising campaign has now finished, thanks to everyone who supported us and checked out the site. Some of you may have noticed the new Arizona Jeans campaign we now have in place. As usual the site has a couple of flash games on there for you to enjoy, so be sure to check them out.

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Yeah the sig add helped thegtaplace alot. Coming down to a nice amount of 1135 unique hits. Thats $170.25. Azjeans is already climbing up with a unique hit count of 54 at the moment.

Way the go.

What the?? Oh you're the guy who speaks to me on AIM aren't you, I was wondering how the hell someone knew where to go to see the click count.

BTW the only reason the SIG campaign did so well was because of the cheerleaders in the advert, and since a fair amount of GTA players are nerds who struggle to get girlfriends, they end up being perverted and consequently felt the need to click on the ad.

I must say though that's a good marketing tactic. They must've done quite well (the company behind the ad).

Too big a sig

s'alright, it's small in width so its not like its a big file size, and I need to adjust those rules anyway.

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