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New Details from GTA-Xtreme

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More information showing up today, this time from GTA-Xtreme:

* Graphicaly, GTA IV looks like Call of Duty 4, that's a good point.

* Niko have 2 things in his mind, getting money, and revenge.

He want to have his revenge toward a Serbian person that is like him in LC.

* Creation of PC version could be possible with the 360 version.

* Damage are awesomely made.

* Roman's car is a little slow but you will have to learn to control it.

* GTA IV is very realistic. At a moment, Niko tryied to steal a car, and by mistake, while going with it, the player pressed the fire button and the gun shoot made a very loud noise. At the next intersection, cops turned their head toward Niko, and the passenger who was next to Niko put his hands up, his eyes moved aside because he was frightened saying "Son, you don't want to do this huh ?".

* At the beggining Niko sleeps on Roman's sofa but after he will be able to buy a house, but no building, or entreprise like in Vice city.

* When your wanted level will be too high, Tank will chase you.

Source: GTA-Xtreme

So now we now there are Tanks, but why did one of the previews yesterday say there wasn't any? Maybe the same goes for car customization?

*Merge*: I decided to hide the 2nd part, just in case. That Special Someone is probably revealed there.

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At the end of the day. I know this game is just going to blow our minds away! All i want to know is that everything is going as expected and that that it is running smooth. Any other information i hear i will just take with a pinch of salt. As i will find out what is in it when the day comes...

Also guys. You may think that you what the game so badly now but i think you should enjoy the wait! As you will say when you have played it for a few months. ' OH...... THE GOOD OLD DAYS ' Just wait it out, this is going to be the biggest game this year. If not a few years.....BOW DOWN TO THE KING, ROCKSTAR ......:worship: ......

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