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I was just wondering if you were able to allow members to add more pictures to their post because I've been wanting to add more to my PlayStation 3 topic, but the 25-picture limit is sort of setting me back.

I'm not sure if there is a reason that it's set at 25 or if that's the default setting, but if you could raise it, that would be great. I completely understand if you can't because of space issues.

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The default is 10. I raised it so I could post more thumbnails in news post of screenshots. The only actual reason for the limit is spammers, but the last time we were image spammed was a long time ago, probably before you even joined - so I don't mind raising it really. We have capable mods to deal with any abusers.

What would you say would be a more ideal limit?

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We're not talking about money - that post-whoring happens anyway to get points. We're talking about limits on the amount of images per topic/post.

I again think that having 2 levels of users would prevent the problems here. New members get very restrictive limits until they've proved they aren't spammers, and get promoted into the normal members group where the limits are much less.

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