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OXM GTA IV Preview

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Official Xbox Magazine has a hands on preview for us, with minor new details:

-Traffic is dense, just as you'd expect it to be in New York

-Grab a frank from a hot-dog vendor for a health boost. Bump his cart, thought, and he'll get upset and refuse to serve you!

-We saw an ice-cream truck, but it wasn't Mr. Whoopee. It's now called Cherry Popper

-In dense areas like Algonquin, painted yellow lines adjacent to safehouses serve as GTA IV's garages. Park your car there and it'll remain there indefinitely.

-Stop and pay at the toll booths! You'll draw the law's attention if you don't.

-Expect some platforming elements. One mission we played had Niko Shimmying along a roof's edge as he climbed his way to top.-You can phone Little Jacob during missions and have him bring you weapons in the trunk of his car.

-Clicking on ATMs lets you check your money supply.

The girlfriends feature is the same as it is in San Andreas, pick up the girl, take her to a restaurant, drive her home, etc. We also got us one scanned page with a new screenshot of Niko and a rocket launcher:

OXM Page 1

Thanks to DC88 For the info! GTAForums Topic

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Aw no. <_<

I never liked that girlfriend feature, it's just that everything is too repeative and picking up girls at certain times is annoying :pissed: , and that not what GTA is about ----GTA's about crimes & etc.

Also, Cherry Popper is an ice-cream brand advertised on outsides of ice cream trucks in GTA, not Mr. Whoopee---it'd never say 'Mr Whoopee' on the outside of trucks; Mr. Whoopee is the vehicle name (right?) :unsure:

And I hope they didn't mean you have to always go to an ATM to check your money supply--- you'd have to run and search for 'em. :angry:

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