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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/gra...l?mode=gsreview :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Sorry if this has been posted before.
  2. I don't get why people get so butt hurt over ratings, I mean seriously it's a game, and it's either good or bad, most of all it is THEIR OPINION on the game.
  3. It wont make much of a difference, everyone and their grandma knows about GTA
  4. Hopefully their will be motorcycles...
  5. There could be free roam and death match, or maybe it's like saints row, except you can free roam the whole city instead of the little room thing.
  6. There are black taxi's in New York...
  7. They haven't confirmed what weapons will be in the game but this link shows weapons and some other stuff that have been in the trailers, screens, and such... http://www.gtagaming.com/gtaiv/inc/information/weapons.php
  8. I want to see a hour long gameplay video that I can keep watching everyday, also some news on multiplayer would be nice.
  9. Yes, you can fly helicopters.
  10. Thanks for the Info! I wonder if you can steal the hot dogs
  11. I'm getting it for the xbox, I love xbox live, and most of my friends have a 360, but not a ps3. Plus the 360 has DLC and if they are identical I like the 360 controller better then the ps3's. I would get it for the ps3 if it was only on that console, same with the 360 as well. edit: also 360 has achievements
  12. So, what would you do? For me I'm going to go on a shooting spree
  13. Whoever said the game wouldn't be perfect, but cool...is evil
  14. Alright thanks for the replies guys, after playing San Andreas I'm reassured this game will totally own everything
  15. Wow thats cool...how did you catch that?
  16. Bad move CaptJohn. You bumped an old topic. um, it's 2 days old and it was on the first page
  17. You can access the internet in-game.
  18. I didn't like saints row at all, but I played GTA 3, VC, and san andreas and I loved those...there were many flaws it seemed with SR, like if you saw a car and took your eye off it it would mysteriously disappear, their wasnt as much content as gta games, and everything felt dead. so my question is, will I still like gta4 if I didn't enjoy saints row?
  19. It's probably changed for the better, since they are using a whole new physics engine...
  20. Hopefully there are police motorcycles... if there isn't at least we get regular ones.
  21. I'm going to spend just 100's of hours drooling over the rpg explosions and the new euphoria engine
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