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Grand Theft Afthermath

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Well, the ultimate demise of some of our beloved GTA Heroes is evident.. seeing as a few easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto IV suggests so. So the real question is, how did they die?

Feel free to add in how you think they died, or how their career ended, so on and so forth.


First of all, Claude was a marked man by the Leone family (as you find out later on in the game where Salvatore believes he isn't to be trusted anymore), and seeing as in one mission Claude kills Salvatore, this only douses gasoline into the fire, leading me to believe Claude was eventually hunted down by the remnants of the Leone family.

Tommy Vercetti

A lot of people think Tommy Vercetti was also a marked man since he was very much wanted dead by a lot of mafias/gangs. But after playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a cut-scene says otherwise (at least thats what I think). You'll notice that in one cut-scene in Los Venturas, that Ken Rosbenburg (Tommy's Lawyer) is talking on the phone explaining how Tommy V had a cocaine addiction, and had fired Ken Rosbenburg (since he was working for the Leones now), and was losing a lot of money - leading me to believe he died from a drug over-dose. But a lot can be insinuated from that cut-scene. However, aside from his death - the cut-scene also suggests his reign of power over Vice City lasted from 1986 - 1992.


Well we all know what happens to Lance...

Victor Vance

His death is pretty evident, seeing as he gets killed in the opening Cut-Scene to Vice City, and if you suggest otherwise - throughout Vice City the only thing you hear coming out of Lance's mouth is, "Man, they killed ma brother!"

Toni Cipriani

It's hard to say what happened to Toni, but I have a few theories.. From the Liberty City Stories era - GTA III, he gained a considerable amount of weight, and most people suggest it's because he was always tormented about how skinny he was - and due to his insecurity he could have had a heart attack from eating to much/being unfit.. Which is kind of silly for the death of a GTA hero. He also could have had a hit set out on him from the Triads, or possibly the Sindacco, Forelli, and Sicillian mafias.. Since he did pretty much kill the respective leaders/top dogs of all five families/gangs in Liberty City Stories.

Donald Love

Probably the most asked about character in the entire series, and we still yet to know what the hell happened to Donald Love.. Some say he was kidnapped by the Triads, others say he left town after Claude retrieved his valuable box since it was dangerous for him to stay in town with it in his possession.

Carl "CJ" Johnson

It's hard to say what happened to him, I think he was taken out by the mafia - as he did steal from the Leone family in Las Venturas.

i think it's really said thinking that they've all died. i like to think some of them are still out there

there's a really cool pic on deviantart of all the characters together which i thought was good :coolthumbup:

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Claude- After GTA III he would have had too many enemies in Liberty City. He would have to leave. But where would he go? Anywhere. Or should I say Anywhere City, the setting of GTA2. At some point he would have been arrested, and sent to sub-zero rehabilitation. Frozen in time. Then in 2013, he would be given parole, free to roam the streets of Anywhere City. He would do jobs for anyone who was willing to pay. The Rednecks, the Yakuza, Zaibatsu, and the rest. While attempting to steal a locked car, he would have been shot three times in the back by a Zaibatsu hitman, killing him.

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I hate to predict they are killed...

Claude - After being wanted by the whole LC, escapes town and maybe back to San Fierro.

Tommy Vercetti - Lives his great life as the drug baron and gets kids but he retires etc...

Carl Johnson - Wiped out the Ballas and Vagos both. Best life he can have, so safe as hell.

Lance Vance - Survives Tommy's bullets and escapes by the Maverick parked on the roof.

Vic Vance - He didn't die in VC intro, no where did his name get dropped and as we know Lance has another brother (Pete).

Toni Cipriani - He doesn't do crimes anymore, just a fat slob sitting with his mother at home.

Donald Love - Either escaped or kidnapped by the Cartel, but I doubt that he was kidnapped because then Catalina would act brave and send you to get him with leaving some money, like Maria.

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Escapes Liberty City because most gangs are against him and there are far too many to fight at once, so he goes into hiding and lives off the money he made working for people in the city.

Tommy Vercetti

After killing Sonny Forelli, the Forelli's fail to take action against him, and he lives to control Vice City.

Carl Johnson

Once Tenpenny is dead and the Ballas and Vagos are both completely annihilated during the riots and their territories are all taken by the GSF, CJ continues to control his many business's throughout the state of San Andreas, he is rich, and the GSF now rule Los Santos and there are no rival gangs to oppose them, Salvatore and the Leones were unable to get revenge on him for robbing their casino, because Carl never actually told them he lived in Los Santos. So he is the king of San Andreas and is safe.

Toni Cipriani

Will Possibly be the new Leone leader after Salvatore is killed by Claude.

Victor Vance

Was killed in the first VC cutscene.

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