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MS Sends 500 Limited Edition GTA IV Xbox 360s To Press

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Microsoft sent out 500 limited edition GTA IV Xbox 360s to the press today, making us all jealous in the process. These Xbox 360s will not be for sale and are solely for building hype for the game (as if there isn’t any?), so we sadly won’t be seeing these in any stores, ever. However, for those still interested, MS took some Xbox 360 Elite systems, slapped some nice glossy black paint on them, tacked on the official GTA IV boxart, and threw the logo onto the faceplate. Also received was a “briefcase full of peripherals,” containing everything from an Xbox Live Vision camera, to an Xbox 360 headset. Below are four pictures taken of the system and peripherals (images taken courtesy of Complex.com):

360EliteIV1_th.jpg 360EliteIV2_th.jpg 360EliteIV3_th.jpg 360EliteIV4_th.jpg

Before anyone asks, no, TheGTAPlace did not receive any such console.

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Sorry for the double post, but someone on eBay is selling a pretty exact duplicate of the GTAIV 360 skin(360 not included). Just wanted to let everyone know.

EDIT: Well I didn't want to make a triple post...don't know the out come of that....so....

I found one of the 500 GTAIV 360s on eBay HERE!

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