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Yahoo! Games’ Five Reasons To Buy GTA IV


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Yahoo! Games has a new article up today giving us five reasons (as if we need five) to buy GTA IV. It gives a good overview of the newly announced Amazon MP3 deal, GTA IV’s graphics, and the multiplayer features. Yahoo! notes that you’ll be able to “request an ambulance for an injured citizen,” and that “any weapon in the game can be fired while behind the wheel!”

You can read the article in full here. However I doubt anyone reading this needs any more reasons to pick up GTA IV on April 29!

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"If you can't pull over before you get into a shootout, have no fear -- any weapon in the game can be fired while behind the wheel. So don't drive angry!"

:o Wow, this game is going to kick some serious ass!!!!

I'm going to be playing this game for the rest of my life and I'll never get bored!!!!

Wow, I knew you could have the small arms and grenades while driving, but I didn't know all the other weapons could be used while driving!!

Hmmm....Shooting with the rocket launcher while driving may be interesting!!! :P

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