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Limited Edition GTA IV Xbox 360 Found On eBay!


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Nearly a week ago TGTAP reported that the press had received one of 500 limited edition GTA IV Xbox 360s. Well today it appears one of said 360s found its way onto eBay! With a “Buy It Now!” price of $700, you get the limited edition Xbox 360, the briefcase filled with accessories, 12 months of Xbox Live, and 1,600 Microsoft Points. The Xbox 360 Elite system is number 92 out of the 500 produced.

Neither I, nor TGTAP know if this auction is authentic or not, so buyers beware. Regardless, hopefully a fan does get their hands on it and shares us some pictures of it in action! The auction can be found here.

Thanks Original GTA Master!

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not that i would interest me as i play ps3. but i looked at the guys comment page and this is what i saw

Negative feedback rating d'ont trust this ebayer i never got my cap <---more attention to that part......

djschame24 ( 168 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] )

there were another one similar.. and for someone who ISNT powerseller on ebay only sold 82 items, i wouldnt trust him .

ALTHOUGH!!!... if you use PAYPAL , you would get your money back should it not arrive at your door. SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE???

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I wouldn't trust this auction either, like stated above his feedback rating is only 97% which is an "A" if your in school, but a definite "F" on ebay. I never bid on anything that has below 99% without doing an in depth look at why other buyers left negative ratings. In this sellers case, I wouldn't risk the transaction, even if Paypal is involved, but thats just me.

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Just last week, my mum was ripped off trying to buy me a 60GB PS3 on ebay - some bastard did this referral thingy, where he referred you to a site which didn't even recognise the product, and trying to contact him was next to impossible because he'd somehow blocked his e-mail address. Luckily, my mum got her money back and he was subsequently banned. I wouldn't touch this offer with a bargepole, TBH.

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