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New Multiplayer Forum

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Recently I've been considering having a multiplayer forum in the GTA forums section. The reason for this is mainly GTA IV. Multiplayer is going to be immensely popular it definitely deserves it's own forum, and one option was simply to make it inside the GTA IV forum - but then I thought what's the point of this? Then...we should really have one in SA/VC/3 for MTA and SAMP/VCMP etc...

A better idea was to create a forum dedicated to ALL the multiplayer games, so that's what I've done. Inside are two subforums. One made especially for GTA IV, and the other for third party mods (this includes MTA, SAMP, VCMP, and all other unofficial mods for GTA2 through San Andreas).

This is now where all multiplayer discussion will go. The idea of the forums is so you can:

  • Create/recruit to gangs/clans
  • Organise matches with each other
  • Share stories and post screenshots etc.
  • Ask for help/support (mainly for 3rd party mods)
  • Share your gamertags/PSN IDs (GTA IV only) - there will be two dedicated topics for this

As you may have noticed, we've moved a lot of old mp related topics into the forum already, but not all. Pretty much all MTA3, MTAVC and VCMP topics have been moved into it, but because the San Andreas forums are so large it's going to take a while to move every MTASA/SAMP topic there, so bear with us while they're all moved over.

Hopefully this will help centralise all MP discussions, so they're all in one easy to find place. Before, we had people posting multiplayer topics all over the place.

If you have any questions, just ask here.

NOTE: At the moment the GTA IV forum is closed for posting, but I'm going to open it later today so you can all start recruiting for gangs and sharing your gamertags/PSN and such.

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