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They will dispatch it a day or 2 before release to make sure you get it on the day. And they will take the money from your bank on the 29th April 2008.

Those are the biggest UK retailers for ya.

Yeah but it says you might not get it on the 29th im think about ordering it from zavvi.co.uk me mate did and got a message saying

currently out of stock at our warehouse. We have ordered this product from our supplier and it will be shipped to you when it becomes available.

but i dont no how long that will be

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Why does it matter if your under 18? Is the game rate R is it?

I preorded mine from GAME a few weeks ago and got $10 off retail price with 1200 reward points. I will also be going to the midnight launch when it comes out, so guys in the US and UK, get on the forums at about 1am Australian Eastern Standard Time and i will tell you how good the damn game is... lol :)

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