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Secrets & easter eggs

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GTA: Liberty City Stories Official Secrets And Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

#-1 Avenging Angels:

They are a new gang in LCS, they are based on an anti crime group in New York called the 'Guardian angels'

Source: wikipedia

#-2 Citizens United Negating Technology:

Also known as C.U.N.T. A group formed to get rid of the internet. Aiming to protect children from pornography, Perverts and how to make nuclear bombs.

They also have a little saying.











In the C.U.N.T e-mail address JT could possibly stand for Jack Thompson, for one that is his job; to protect children from the internet, and games

Website: C.U.N.T E-mail: [email protected]

#-3 Avery Carrington:

Avery Carrington from Vice City works for 'Vice City Realty', a real estate, building and buying properies.

#-4 Ammunation:

There was no doubt in our minds that gta's AMMUNATION would return in LCS, this time you can order your weapons online. And also Y2K (Year 2000) With all the worry about what lies ahead in the year 2000, Ammunation are selling special packages to help you survive the future.

Website: Ammunation online E-mail: [email protected]

#-5 Paulies Revue:

Replacing Luigi's Sex club 7 in the late 90's only to be taken over by Luigi Goterelli again 2 years later. Why? We just don't know. JD O'Toole is also suspected of having connections with the triads. Even though he claims differently.

Website: Paulie's Revue E-mail: [email protected]

#-6 Shops:

Zip returned once again to the gta series, many other shops like Binco ahve also returned to the series.

#-7 Working For The Avenging Angels:

On the GTA: LCS website, under the e-mail entitled 'Avenging Angels' scroll your curser over the A logo and a short clip will appear showing Toni Cipriani in the Avengers outfit. In the game, you can worked for the Avenging Angels as a set of sub missions. Rid the streets of crime by comitting it yourself! Also here here is a picture of it

#-8 Maria And Toni:

On the official GTA:LCS website's (linked above) trailer, you hear Maria shouting 'I love you Toni Cipriani' Turns out Maria has a thing for Toni, but he just ain't interested.

#-9 Love Is Back:

He reappears for a mission strand as a necrophiliac and a cannibal

#-10 Radio Stations:

Radio stations are, as always, back in this installment. It just wouldn't be GTA without them. Gere is a list of all the radio stations in 1998 Liberty City.


Double Cleff

Chatterbox FM

Lips 106 FM


Rise FM

Head Radio

Radio Del Mundo

MSX 98

Flashback FM


Liberty Jam

#-11 Maibatsu:

Maibatsu is back, this time they are ordering for a ban on motorcycles by releasing a petition. Obviously they get enough signatures because this could explain why there were no bikes in GTA3

#-12 New Movie:

LoveMedia productions presents 'The MainFrame' This is the movie that gets advertized around Liberty city and gets an add on the radio. It's all about 5 collage Students that get high on LSD and discover 'the truth'


user posted image

#-13 Introducing Mr. Mastrogiorgio:

The voice of Toni Cipriani in this prequal to its older brother GTA3 has changed. The new voice of Cipriani is Daniel Mastrogiorgio Daniel Mastrogiorgio will voice Toni Cipriani (the main character in LCS) replacing Michael Madsen who previously did the voice for Toni in gta3

#-14 Mini Site:

Rockstar have released a mini version of the LCS site for all their PSP fans to view on their psps. How nice of them

Website: LCS psp site

#-15 Burgershot:

On the AmmunationWebsite, at the bottom there is an advert for Burger shot, but sadly it's an un-enterable background feature

#-16 Insinuation On The Radio :

On the C.U.N.T website is an audio ad featuring a man whose name is "Jack" who is found naked by a mother in her son's room. Bisexual pedophile Jack Thompson is the combined message. Sadly Jack has found out about this, but can't do anything about it

#-17 Bigshot:

GTA3's Kenji ran a casino called 'Kenji's Casino'. 3 years earlier it was run by Kazuki Kasen and called 'The BIGshot Casino.'

#-18 Multiplayer:

* 6 Modes

-Liberty City Survivor

-Protection Racket

-Got Stretch

-The Hitlist

-Street Race

-The Wedding List

* Up to 6 players

* 60 unlockable characters

* Multiple outfits included

Source: GTAPSP.com

#-19 Movie Poster:

All the people on the poster for 'The MainFrame' are peds from San Andreas. Even two of the girlfriends are there.

user posted image

#-20 Handheld:

First PSP reference .If you look in the top left of the picture you'll see a billboard saying 'Hand Held' which of course is refering to the fact LCS is on the PSP handheld console.

#-21 Michael Hunt is back:

Email from Clambake: Michael Hunt (My c*nt) is Back - Pic below

Mike "Top Hole" Hunt

Mike "Love Silo" Hunt

Mike "Coal Mine" Hunt

A pill between a heart, which looks like a penis

user posted image

#-22 Steve and Bill:

On the Electron zone radio website the hosts are called Steve and Bill and they both use different Operating Systems. They're based on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

#-23 Cavern of Sorrow:

Again on the Electron zone radio website there's a reference to SA. At the bottom of Bill's chat, (the pink side) it has a reference to the Cavern of Sorrow.

#-24 Imooga Iomega:

At the bottom of the MacOS chat on the Electron Zone website there is a reference to Imooga's Jiz Drive, which had its own ad on Head Radio in GTA2. Imooga's Jiz drive is a spoof to iomega zip drive

#-25 Fruits and Tossers:

The whole Electronzone radio website is a spoof off of the IBM Vs Apple debate. TOS = DOS and Fruts = Apple

#-26 Monkey Juice:

In SA there was a drink, Munky Juice ("Freshly Squeezed Taste of Parasites!") whose art showed a monkey grabbing the others' balls. In this image below, on the right side of the screen, you can make out the same image.

Source: Monkey Juice

#-27 Barbara Dead:

Barbara (a girlfriend from SA) apperas to have been shot down on this billboard

#-28 Remixed But The Same:

When Toni gets out of the bus and walks up to the pay phone in the beginning cutscene up till when he gets into the cab, the music playing is a slightly remixed version of the music used for the intro to the gta3 official website. I can't remember if the music was used anywhere in gta3 itself but if it is please say.

#-29 Madd Dogg Album:

In the street directly behind your Portland safehouse, there is a billboard advertising Madd doggs newest album.

#-30 Same Brown Bag:

Also in the beginning cutscene, Toni's suitcase is the same brown with R* logo one that was used in San Andreas multiple time.

#-31 Gurning Chimps:

On Head Radio the presenter (Michael Hunt) talks about meeting the 'Gurning Chimps' a British rock group mentioned in the SA introduction CD. He also talks about Maccer throwing up all over him.

#-32 Awards:

While Liberty City is 'The worst place in America. Again' Los Santos is 'The city where you were most likely to get eaten by a wild animal'.

Source: LCS instruction manual

#-33 A.R.S.E:

A.R.S.E - American Road Safety for Everybody. This new protest group is also trying to ban the use of motorcycles in Liberty City. They claim that 'motorcycles cause more deaths per year than old age'

Source: LCS instruction manual

#-34 Hello Again:

In gta3 there was sign telling you that you weren't meant to get here. This time the sign's changed to say 'Hello again.' On the PS2 version of LCS, the sign says 'You just can't get enough of this alley can you? There is a picture and video showing you how to reach the sign (PSP version) with voice commentary for Kiousikle.

Picture: Hello Again!

Video: Video Walkthrough

#-35 Helicopters flyable!:

Yup that's right, a member of pspupdates.com's forum called gmrxbox cleverly found out that (Not giving anything away) in a mission called 'Calm of the storm' if you drive over the yellow circular marker on a roof you can gain access to a helicopter which, when you press triangle is flyable! Kuiosikle didn't think the members video was enough proof so he went ahead and made his own video with better quality for more evidence that it wasn't an editted video.

#-36 The Happiest Liberty Will Ever look:

Snow is definatly in the game, but it comes at a price. The only way found (So far) to get snow in Liberty City Stories is to complete up to level 9 of the Car salesman side missions in Portland. I asked the finder of this if snow was now an unlocked weather condition that would occer every now and then like rain, but sadly as soon as he failed the car salesman mission the snow stopped. Kuiosikle made a video to prove all the doubters wrong.

#-37 Victims Not Forgotten:

An interesting little feature to look out for here. Most of the time when you kill someone in LCS their name appear on the headstones at the cemetary on Staunton Island. Not the small one nestled north of the church, that remains unchanged, but the "new" ones south of the church.

#-38 Hitch hiking Peds:

every once in awhile, some random ped will get in your car. From one of

*MURDOC*'s experiences


The same thing happened while waiting for a ferry.

Some guy hops in my car and sits there.

Then when i take the ferry back to portland, he gets out and walks away.

#-39 Love Fist:

In the cutscene to the mission 'Biker heat' there's a poster on the wall above Maria's bed advertizing Love Fist.

#-40 Candies New Movie:

here's a billboard in Belleville park (Staunton) for Candy Suxx's new movie 'Let me bounce'

#-41 The old Fido:

Maria refers to Toni on the phone as 'Fido' the same way she did yo Claude back in gta3

#-42 Making Another Brief Return:

Mickey, Luigi's bodyguard in gta3 makes a return in one or 2 missions such as 'A made man'.

#-43 Explains The Change:

Maria, Ma Cipriani and Salvatore (to name a few) keep pressuring Toni that he's too skinny and that he needs to eat more. Which explains why he becomes so fat in such a short amount of time between 1998 and 2001

#-44 Kill Bill:

* The Mission's name (Crazy 69's) comes from the Movie Kill Bill. O'Ren's Yakuza Clan is known as the 'Crazy 88's.'

* The Dragon Outfit (That you gain as a reward for completing the mission) is based on the costume worn by Beatrice Kiddo in Kill Bill, but also the outfit worn by Billy Wong (Bruce Lee) in the movie: 'Game of Death'

#-45 Same Brown Bag:

The Leon Mcaffrey/Ray missions appear to refer to something.


1: Sayonara Sindaccos - A reminder of 'Sayonara Salvatore' in gta3

2: The whole 9 Yardie - The whole 9 Yards

3: Crazy '69' - Crazy 88s

4: Night of the livid dreads - Night of the living dead

#-46 FAGS

Radio advert for ultimate disk in the dark(from San An)


F eel

A ll

G ood

S ports ..... ultimate disk in the dark

East Coast championship

#-47 Taxi

The vehicle you get after doing 100 taxi missions is the Bickle '76, named for Travis Bickle from the movie Taxi Driver relased in 1976.

#-48 Didiersach

a Didiersachs poster in the Francis Int. Airport Subway.


user posted image

#-49 Mr Benn and Fireman Sam

Mr Benz is the costume shop in LCS that you get the Tux and Lawyer costume.

Mr Benn is a classic tv series where Mr Benn would visit a costume shop. He would try on a set of clothes and leave the changing room through a second door and into an adventure themed around the costume.

Fireman Sam is another long running kids show.

Sam is the name of the Fireman in multiplayer.

Souces:Mr Benn | Fireman Sam

#-50 lionel hutz

The name that Sal gives his fictional lawyer is "Lionel". Possible Simpsons "Lionel Hutz" the lawyer reference?

#-51 Third leg

Simple. Third leg means "large penis"

Picture:Third leg poster

#-52 Grand Theft Porto

In Staunton, as you come out of Phil Cassidy's gun shop on the east side, the street just south has a massive lit up billboard (Kinda like a sh*tload of lightbulbs), and one of the things scrolling across is


Obviously a self reference, not only GTA, but "Porto" is fairly obviously referencing "portable"

There are also many more things that scroll across the billboard, including an advert for 'GTA3: The Musical', 'Bad Man Returns' and 'Honey I Shrunk My Skids'.

#-53 Carl in Liberty City?

Well...Sort of. Somewhere in Bedford point there is a building with, what looks like a person shooting a hoop. Sound familier to an early San Andreas screenshot?

LCS building

SA screenshot

Does this mean that CJ went back to Liberty City to become a sponsor for Heat Q Clothing? or is it just because Rockstar was lazy to get an another image? tounge.gif

#-54 Recycled Peds?:

In 'Sunshine Shine' poster, the members have an uncanny similarity to the drug dealer pedestrian in San Andreas

#-55 Sonny Forelli's Story:

Several posters around Liberty City in 1998, advertise what appears to be a movie about the infamous life and past times of Sonny Forelli, who was killed by Tommy in 1986.

#-56 Same Pictures, Different Times:

A picture appears on a shelf inside one of the safehouses in LCS, with a man in grey and a woman in red (Katie Zhan, one of CJ's Girlfriends in SA) looking face on at the camera. Not only do they look like peds from SA, but the picture also appears in San Andreas.

The Picture


On the yellow marquee in Staunton on the street where all the ads are, it says 'All Your Base Are Belong To USA', a spoof of 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' which was translated poorly from Japanese in the US version of the SNES game Zero Wing.

#-58 British TV...In America!?:

Throughout the game there are several references to many popular British TV shows. One such reference is in the name of Father Ned, the reverand who you recieve missions from in the church. His name sounds very similar to the TV show with the name Father Ted

#-59 British Slang:

As well as the (ex) mayor being 'R.C. Hole' (Arse Hole), when you check his gravestone, you can see his first name as 'Roger'. This means he's called 'Roger C. Hole', which sounds a lot like Roger Ze Hole ('Roger' being a british slang word for f*ck).

#-60 Liquor Charlies:

In the Little Italy area of Fort Staunton, there's a shop called 'Liquor Charlies' (Lick Her Charlies)

#-61 Page 3:

The name of the bookstore in the same place is called 'Page 3', reference to the british newspaper 'The Sun', with it's infamous page three topless shot every day.

#-62 Manhunt Reference

On the backside of the Mr Whopee ice cream truck, it says 'Please Stop Me This is a refence to Manhunt, another game by Rockstar, where the same words are painted onto a weird, creepy yellow face mask

#-63 Toyz in da Hood!

On the side of the 'Toyz' van, there is a logo saying 'Toyz n' the Hood.' It's a reference to the movie 'Boys n' the Hood.' (Also in GTA3)

#-64 The Pearlfisher's Necklace

Yet another bit of Rockstar's tounge and cheek with another sexual reference. The Pearl Necklace being a sexual act.

#-65 The Pearlfisher's Necklace

A mixture of George Bizet's Oprea Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) + the Pearl Necklace euphemism.

#-66 The Kessan Family Tree

Toshiko's "Love turns to Hate" letter dated 5/1998 on the LCS site, explains the relationship between the LCS Kassens and the GTAIII Kassens: Kazuki is Kenji and Asuka's brother.

#-67 Candy Suxx! in 1998

Candy Suxxx was a porn star that appeared in Vice City. You can see billboards all around LCS advertizing her latest movie "Let Me Bounce!"

#-68 Bully

Around Portland, you can find spray tags for a local gang 'Bully Boys.' This could possibly be a reference to another Rockstar game 'Bully'

#-69 A Bronx Tale Hidden Package

Somewhere in the advertising burmph for LCS it says :-

"Everyday there are thousands of stories in Liberty City, and this is just one of them"

The 1993 movie "a Bronx Tale" had more or less the same spoken word introduction It is evident that Rockstar heavily parodied off this movie as even the hidden packages (The horned hand) are clear evidence of this, as the character 'Sonny' (who plays the mafia boss) uses that very hand signal to his fellow mobsters throughout the movie.

A Bronx Tale movie poster

#-70 Guns for Leones' Navarone

The mission name "Guns of Leone" is a parody of the movie "Guns of Navarone." Navarone was also the weapons code in GTA2.

#-71 Subway

Directly behind Toni in the beginning cutscene is a fast food resturant that goes by the name 'Tube'. This is an obvious parody of the fast food outlet 'Subway'. You can tell by the arrows in both the ficticious 'Tube' and real 'Subway' signs


LCS Teaser Websites


Bathtub Gin Still

Paulies Revue

Lips 106 FM

Electron Zone Radio

Citizens United Negating Technology

Pastmaster Game


Crow Fest


Thanks to everyone who has found and posted either a secret or an easter egg. your time and help is much appreciated.

That is all for now. Please let me know what to add!

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