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  1. is there a skin creator for vice city if so send me a link
  2. hey i can create a hardcore metal radio station
  3. ive played and beat it at 100% so i unlocked movie scenes and all costume i got bulletproof cars for bissness and diaz's and tommy mansion is different and 8 balls bomb shop moved downtown
  4. i like to go and get granade and get cop then go crazy without droping it
  5. better weapons better cars more boats tanks o and the city is san andreas
  6. kent paul name two things tommy says to the cops
  7. where can you find a picture of diaz with a little hittler sacth
  8. saber what can you and your gang can do to cholos
  9. if san andreas stories is made five year early than it should show cj leaving san andreas
  10. mine was 120 sec. because i found a way to get to the football field
  11. in mike's home name three places you can find an Hydra: 2 places you find the cropduster : and two places you find the skimmer
  12. just die and head to mikes home in the badlands/desert
  13. i found one in the projects but ble it up on my way to the airport
  14. we had it everywhere and back again now its san andreas
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