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Dude, if your looking for a new Infernus without the one Bernie gave you try looking here:

* In Outlook-Park near the pizza salad resteraunt( Its only there when Stevie asks for it ).

* Alderney City in the autoerotic car dealership at night.

* Francis International Airport.

* And it is available around the helitours place.

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Okay, im really really really pissed!!! So i want to share this with you guys so it does not happen to you. You know the Red Infernus you get from barnie, which can never be found again, as soon as i got it i drove it to the nearest safehouse. I kept it there. Finished the game. Then i just randomly went on this Assassin mission called "dead end". I went to the location, killed all the fags while the main dude ran off. When i was done with the rest of the people i got a car and drove after him. In the distance i saw a red infernus driving... I was possitive it was mine but not quite sure. The dude didnt stop until the car cought on fire. He fell out, i killed him and the car exploded. I went to my safehouse to save and... Where is my lovely infernus?!? GONE!!! EXPLODED!!! WTF, that fagitass motherfucker went to MY SAFEHOUSE and took MY CAR!!! MY INFERNUS!!!! WTF!!! and he made me fuck it up! He didnt take the Comet, no he had to take my fuckin infernus which you only get once in the game!!! ONCE!!! WTF!!!

Before people say "why are you bitchin?!", Im bitchin cuz im sad, im sad my motherfuckin car is gone!!! Is there any way to get it back? thats my question.

you got punked! was ashton Kutcher driving?

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ok, there might be one thing here, my mate actually has 3 infernus'. Duna if he is chattin it, but if its true he said to me )and i agree with this bit) that in all gta games, whatever car you get in loads of that car start spawning. So my mate got into his infernus, waited in the same spot of his safehouse, and he saw another infernus pass by. So he quickly got out of his (it was still in the safe house parking place,) and jacked the other dude and stole it. He done a simular thing for the other one. But unlucky, you won't be able to do that.... I have heard from other peeps that it spawns sumtimes in alderny. I doubt it though.

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