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  1. that mps extreme is RADICAL! but you could probably only have fun with it on a race track i hate the civic (2008 model) it looks like a cockroach or a wierd bug! But the escort is a good car for racing (probably if you modify it a bit) ok and hsv vxr Statistics Base price ~£19,420 2.0i Turbo 16V engine 236 bhp 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds Maximum speed 152 mph (245 km/h) Insurance group: 17E Central trapezoidal rear exhaust Uprated turbocharger and fuel injection system Revised inlet and exhaust manifolds 18" five-spoke alloy wheels with 225/40R18 tyres (optional 19" 10-spoke wheels) Lowered and uprated suspension VXR front fog lamps and other external styling incl. spoiler Recaro part-leather seats
  2. welcome to GTA place Sunnyman!

  3. ok this is my opinion of a hot hatch! its a HSV VXR
  4. watch this plane it looks like it has hydrauliccs imagin that on the next GTA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  5. i saw it. It was funny! lol it was funny when hes on the plane and its like hes got a shoe bomb!
  6. i dont care where even if they have to make a new cityas long as it is twice as big as san andeas so then you get more vehicles (like jumbo jets and boats and cars etc) and it will be better than san andreas with more features how do u know release date of nxt game?
  7. i googled my name and it came up with a website which had everything about me! even some personal stuff i dint make up this website though! is someone stalkin me?
  8. should die instead of just cos roman died i started a whole new game to kill kate instead
  9. i found a vehicle called that says its a sentinal when it is actually a sentinal STD. Is this vehicle classified as rare i only ever found one! it has a full body kit and louvres. with a Sentinal Tuning Division decal on the spoiler (obviuosly a spoof of STI) has anyone else found this? ive attached a pic
  10. i liked the infernus for its lamborghini/pagani zonda looks and speed and the banshee becuase it is like the only modern muscle car on the game. it also has a smooth yet powerful engine which i liked!
  11. i noticed if you go powerboating with Brucie if he wants you to go to the statue of happiness he says take us to the statue of Liberty! has anyone else noticed this?
  12. i love im rich but theres not enough episodes. Can you watch Americas Next top Hooker????? ive only seen ads and i want to watch it!
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