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upload savegame?

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can´t some of you guys upload a savegame, i am the person that thinks it is funny to drive around and have fun. but it is not fun when the island is locked, i have tried som missions but i am not good at this game.

so please upload a savegame.

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Firstly, you need a USB flash drive or a memory stick (like a PSP one). Then, when you're on your PS3, go to Saved Data Utility, and press triangle on the savegame that you want to transfer. Click on copy (after you press triangle), choose your device, and select it. Then, just wait for it to copy. After that, you can delete the savegame from your PS3 if you want to. Put your USB or whatever in your PC/laptop, go to My Computer, then the rest you should know.

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Which console for? I'm uploading one for you now, but it's for the PS3. That okay? I've only completed the missions, there are about 197 flying rats left to find, 2/50 stunts, Niko is wearing a charcoal suit from Perseus. I forgot how to install it to your PS3/360, check Google.

perfect it is for the ps3 i am looking for thanks.

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I'm on X360 but I expect PS3 to work similar.

If you want to explore the entire map, got to your multiplayer option PARTY. This starts you in the NW corner of the

map & gives plenty of weapons & vehicles, including the attack heli.

From there you can invite friends & either have your own deathmatch, kill peds or just explore.

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QUOTE (shaunw @ May 11 2008, 01:26 PM) *

is there a way to transfer the files off my xbox to 360?

I think so, but in any case aren't they tied to your gamertag? So only you can actually use your savegames? Kinda lame but I think they implemented it to prevent gamerscore cheating with achievements and such.

im not asking for a save game or anything, i was just wondering so i could back it up

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