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I have a request. I want a picture the same size as the one below. The background will be black, and I want "Blue Eyed Devils" at the top in a arch. Make it black lettering and with a white background around the letters. And at the bottom I want

it the same way but I want it to say "Tennessee". And in between the top and the bottom lettering, I want there to be a black and white devil (like in a coloring book), and I want it to have blue flamed eyes. I will pay you, if you want it. Thank you. I can't wait to see it.

Example Picture:


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Aww damn. There it is. Thats nice. But can you make me one with this skull in it please? And instead of having "SS" I meant to say "SC".

here is the skull.


And I want both top and bottom in a arch. And I want the lettering to be like a patch, Black letters with a white background. Like a white box around the letters. I want the letters to be the same font as the picture below.

Like the back of this jacket.


I will pay you, if you want me to, just name the price.

I want the picture to be just like the one above, all black and white except the blue eyes. I want the exact skull in the picture.

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hey tox, need a job dun, u up for it buddy?

I really want to do that for you, but...

My motherboard's gonna go for replacement today, plus got exams from 13 to 20th Oct [DAMN]

Can you wait till 20th please, I wanna do it :)

Some Jobs that I couldn't finish in the last week are here :



And Casper :


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