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ok then,

height: 170 pixels

width: 440 pixels

i was thinking a black line in the middle,

on the left having niko & the skyline of GTAIV liberty city

and on the right having claude & the skyline of GTAIII liberty city,

and my username in small in, pricedown font, at the bottom, anywhere

thanks man

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HOLY MOLY! They are some weet sigs! :) Can't have have one please? I really need a sig.

edit: I would love a funky Vice City sig with "Willzyyy" in my stunting font "Pricedown" maybe with a little bit of writing saying "www.thegtazone.co.uk" at the bottom. Could you do that? I would be so greatful. ;)

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Yup, what you want ?

I Asked You For Some Drifting Cars And A Bit From GTA. However a Car Render Will Be Good.

Lols, I actually asked him[claude-5] regarding userbars :)

Anyways, yes I'll put on work, lemme see what I can get by tomorrow night.

HOLY MOLY! They are some weet sigs! :) Can't have have one please? I really need a sig.


Sure You stunt dude :P....Check this place by tomorrow.

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Well after seeing your gallery, I wanted to see what kind of signature you could make for me.

I'm not really looking for a new signature to use right now, cause my current one is pretty new.

If you want to make me one, just get creative. Put "The Harwood Butcher" on the sig in any font, style, color, whatever.

Try to base the theme off of the name "Harwood Butcher". Add any kind of image/background/filter to the signature that you think fits with the name "Harwood Butcher".

Just let me know what the cost is.

I like your various styles and just want to see what you could make with the theme. Maybe make one based off of the GTA series or off of something totally different, something that you think would fit with the name if you never knew it dealt with GTA.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you could come up with.

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