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you need to hear this backstory or else you think im a wierdo or something,

ok, me & my friend had a random moment while playing tony hawks project 8 and we created a character, a girl, and called her becky, im gonna send you a bunch by PM of pics of this character and i would like you to put her name im quite big, but not too big, on the bottom, and i want it to be 1024x768 when its done,

thanks dude

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That's a sick sig you made for Harwood Butcher, nice work.


Could you make me a sig using this picture of Caillou but altering it quite a lot :P Make Caillou look like the biggest pothead you can, like replace the trumpet with a pipe or a joint or something. And just make the whole scene look weed-infested and nothing like regular Caillou. Also can you put the text: I'm just a kid who's four (and below it) Each day I smoke some more. I know it's a pretty weird request but I always like how your sigs end up, and I'm curious if you can do it. And a matching avatar if that's not any trouble. Thanks a lot man.

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