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Brucies Activities

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you might have that problem if you don't have all the islands unlocked. a few of the boat rides go to alderney for either the sunken ships in the west or to see some "industrial shit" in the east. if you've already got all the islands then i really don't know...you might try doing some of the side things brucie gives you (car emails, races, etc.) if all else fails.

once you've got the options there they're pretty easy. they're in the phone under brucie's name along with the eating and drinking and bowling things. boat rides are just brucie giving you a destination and you taking him and 2 girls to it while he yaps (in a unique colored squalo that he takes back after each ride...and then leaves you a unique colored huntley sport) and heli rides are the same only you have to get to a certain height near specific buildings until the computer takes over the camera and shows you the building in different views. they show you the sites and raise your percentage with brucie, so they're both easy activities that are worth it.

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