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  1. you might have that problem if you don't have all the islands unlocked. a few of the boat rides go to alderney for either the sunken ships in the west or to see some "industrial shit" in the east. if you've already got all the islands then i really don't know...you might try doing some of the side things brucie gives you (car emails, races, etc.) if all else fails. once you've got the options there they're pretty easy. they're in the phone under brucie's name along with the eating and drinking and bowling things. boat rides are just brucie giving you a destination and you taking him and 2 girls to it while he yaps (in a unique colored squalo that he takes back after each ride...and then leaves you a unique colored huntley sport) and heli rides are the same only you have to get to a certain height near specific buildings until the computer takes over the camera and shows you the building in different views. they show you the sites and raise your percentage with brucie, so they're both easy activities that are worth it.
  2. i didn't do them all in a row. just keep going to the current crimes section of the police computer and kill the people (don't know why they word it "capture"). i generally went after criminals that it said were on foot as they were easy to run over or gun down on the move while stolen cars lead to annoying chases where you usually end up damaging your police cruiser enough to need a new one. i also did it in alderney because the southern police station (just beneath the river that runs across the island) has a really easy cruiser to steal behind the station without pissing off the cops up front. you can check how many you've done under the "mission" heading in stats...it's all the way near the bottom of the page. hope that helps in some way.
  3. killing derrick gives you a favor from francis (you can call him once and he'll remove a wanted rating). the second time i beat the game (for the liberty city minute achievement) i did it this way out of curiosity but i never called in the favor so i don't know how high of a wanted rating he'll clear...it would have to be high to be worth it though because dating kiki allows you to clear a 3 star with a phone call to her.
  4. if i remember right it's that huge driving range on the left side of algonquin. since it was the only place i associated with golf in the game i just grabbed the first comet i found in the north parking lot (the one by the burger shot) and it was the car i needed. if you've never taken notice of the driving range it's got huge netted in walls and sticks out into the body of water between algonquin and alderney (west river i think).
  5. when it happens it says "unknown caller" but afterwards it registers as kate. also the subtitles (if you have them on) say: kate: "you feel like going out and having fun?" (or whatever). other than that it's a normal date with kate. she trash talks her family, if you get her drunk (someone who's about to die a second time in two days would probably want a drink) she still gets hostile with you...it's kate. this was all on the xbox 360 for me though. i didn't realize there was a difference between the game on different systems.
  6. just to add to the previous poster, you can do taxi missions on in the beginning but they're one-shots. you have to call roman at the cab depot for each one and they don't contribute to 100%. as for choosing dwayne or playboy, if you kill dwayne playboy gives you cash and then disappears on you (the worse choice as far as i can tell). if you kill playboy you get his apartment in north algonquin (complete with the outfit from gta3 and a nice pool table you can't use), you get dwayne as a friend and once you get him to a certain point of liking you (75% or 80%) you can call dwayne and he'll send a car full of gangsters to help you out wherever you called from. i even had one of them jump on the back of my motorcycle and shoot at people chasing me (a completely unexpected but welcome surprise). as for stevies missions, i've always associated them with finishing the first Phil Bell mission because that gives you the assassination missions, but i read that it's after completing derrick mccreary's first mission (where he's smacked out in a park in alderny) and makes you chase down his associate at the burgershot. after that just answer every random call from brucie and in between steroid driven rants he'll give you the missions.
  7. the only two that i've seen to be datable (if that's a word) from lovenet are sobohoe (carmen) and lawgirl (kiki). after the frenchtom mission and once you get algonquin open the manager of lovenet will email you with both of their names or whichever one you don't have by telling you that they are good matches for you. byw, kiki is in algonquin so if you're still near the beginning you may just have to stick to the annoying but useful carmen. sorry to double post but i just saw this. yes, it's possible. i currently have 3 girlfriends all calling at annoying times and accusing me of screwing around on them...which is true so, yeah, i guess they got me.
  8. by second island i'm guessing you mean bohan (to the north). i think that might be the garage you deliver stevies cars to later in the game. after you beat his side missions then you can drive vehicles in there and he'll give you the money for them (with the damage amount deducted)
  9. i didn't find it hard to get 100%, but now that i have it i have no idea what it gives me. old game gave unlimited ammo and more durable cars or more health, but i haven't seen anything special here. i even hoped that maybe the achievement name was a hint "key to the city" like maybe all cars would be unlocked or a couple houses open, but nothing...
  10. actually, lola is in the game's computer. if you go to the liberty city police department website ingame and click on the word "database" at the bottom you can find her in the A-E section. her name is "lola del rio" and it gives her rap sheet of getting busted for prostitution and public lewdness and says that she was "often seen sucking on a red lollipop" and that she "moved to liberty city from san fierro to pursue a stage career". personally, i've put in 97 game hours and i've never seen her.
  11. i think it has something to with the percentage of how much she likes you because when i beat the game the first time she died at %100 like and she didn't call, the second time i beat it (for the liberty city minute achievement) she died with a %92 like rating and called me after death. after the date she ended up %100 and i never heard from her again. maybe coincidence, but it seems logical for now.
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