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need original player.img!

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Isn't it against the rules to just share files that help crack the .exe. The Player.img file is just the model, Anyways it is quiet a big file around 60mb something, If you can't find it anywhere and don't want to reinstall you can use the white Cj model which I think replaces the player model. I'm not very sure so if anyone else may have a better option

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You know, I think I'll say it here guys...Just to avoid creating a new topic.

1. You don't need to just automatically assume that because someone needs a file from the game, they've downloaded their copy.

2. I think the person has got the idea on the first explaination, there's no need for 4 posts that say the exact same bullshit thing.

The way to solve this is just give a laid back answer like so, "Sorry, we can't help you with that, you'll have to have a look somewhere else".

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hello everybody im new and im dumb lolz i too also need the original player.img i did buy the disc and everything and i modded it and i did uninstall it but when i reinstalled the game the files stayed the same :< anyone out there that can help???

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