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Big Z

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Ok I will start

Here you go:


He wears:

-black cap

-Aviator sunglasses

-Loc down T-shirt

-Rolex Watch

-Beige Khakis

-Hi-top kicks

He has:

-lots of tattoos

-Hair:Cesar with beard

this list is not neccesary but you can write it if you want to:D

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-Suburb black skully

-ProLaps sunglasses

-ProLaps track top

-ProLaps track pants

-ProLaps boots

I always dress him in 'outfits' to make it more like the other GTA's.

He also has 'Cesar and goatee' haircut as well as a bunch of random tattoos.

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I will post pictures soon, but I will say the clothes: White Suit (Replacing Green Suit), White Pants (Replacing Green Pants), Snake Skin Boots, Silver Crowex, Cards Chain (Replacing Dog Tags), Black Shades, White Derby (Replacing Green Derby). Or instead of Shades, White Face Bandanna (Replacing Black Face Bandanna) without a White Derby.

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