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here you go:





Alright cool thanks. I really like it. I will send you 440$ right now.

Ok how much would you charge me just to make this picture larger?


Hey Z i need a big favor i need a graphic size 300X200 i need a skull in the center AK-47's instead of crossbones and under the skull i want it to say in san andreas font color white All Out Kings

and make another so i can compare which i want make it same size 300X200 skull AK-47's All Out Kings color white red background San Andreas font but instead of a bandanna make a silver or cold crown

this is for my gamebattles account

base it on this


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Ok. I want a picture of a fighter (muscles) with a WHITE bandanna wrapped around is fist and he is punching towards you. So you only see a little of him and a lot of his fist with the white bandanna on it. I want the pic to be in white and black (mostly white) and I want on the bottom left corner to say "C-Dubb Affiliate". Thanks! :)

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Ok. Make it black and white though, and cartoonish. And let me see it and I will tell you if I like it. Kind of make it like you drew it on a piece of paper. And I want the "C-Dubb Affiliate" in a outline font, you pick the font. And I was wondering if you could put some smoke around his fist, like he stuck his hand in some hot water and its steaming. Thanks.

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Ok. Get rid of that pic^^. I looked around the web to find pictures to try and help me explain how I want it.

Ok this is how I want the dragon ball z fighter. Not grey, but with a black outline like this one.


Here's a fist if you need it.


And here is a example of outline font. Just do a outline font of Old English.


Hopefully this will help you. :)

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