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A question to all the teenagers and other young guys


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But, us as youths can't help by doing some bad things or some "vile" things according to adults. Scotland is full of these twats, I've even done something rebellious along with most the British Youth Population, you sometimes can't help yourself. The thing I will not be doing though is drinking, smoking, carrying a weapon unless it is necessary

I deeply respect you for that, i will never drink, but to come clean, I do smoke, only cigarettes though

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If people judge me (or anyone) because of some stupid stereotypes or perceptions, without even knowing who i am or what im like, then that just shows more about their own ignorant and negative attitudes towards life. Water off a ducks back to me, i know that im not this "bad person" they think i am, so why should i care?

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Don't u hate it when older people try to put down the youth? You know like when they try to blatantly call us "youngins" as such? I just wanna know from you guys because this generation gap is getting me a bit ticked.

(**NOTE: If you're gonna be arse, don't reply. Have a constructed and mature response.)

I'm not a youth.....but older people can't help but look down on younger people. It happened to me when I was young and now that I am an adult, I see what they see and when you guys get older, you'll be saying that about younger people.

There are a hell of a lot of young people who just don't give a shit. They cause trouble for no reason at all. I have seen a number of immature young people making fun of random people. You don't see many adults walking around saying OMG LOOK AT HER FACE LOLOLOLOL or THAT GUY LOOKS SO GAY!! A lot of young kids don't give a crap about education or their parents and, no thanks to laws these days, get away with a lot of garbage because the second a parent even raises their hand to their kid, the kid is dialing 911 on their cell. Lack of discipline. That's the problem.

When I was growing up, my brothers and I got the belt when we stepped out of line. I could NEVER imagine myself being as much of an ass as some young kids these days. You watch those talk shows and, no matter if they are really fake or not, there really are kids like that out there in this world. 8 year old kids telling their parents to F-off. Wow.

This isn't to say that ALL young people act like idiots but there are a lot who do. It's sad and it makes the good young people look bad.

LOL, well im 18 now, but when i was in y12 i had numerous y9's trying to start a fight with me, for no reason whatsoever just cos their 'hard'...so dumb, they were like 5ft nothing and i was like 6'3...and the fact they are like a skinny little thing etc...they're just retards, but i remmber when i was in year 9 i was nothing like the y9's are now when i was in y12 :) /rant

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The thing I will not be doing though is drinking, smoking, carrying a weapon unless it is necessary... I don't want to give the stereotypical public an actual reason to moan at us.

I don't see what is wrong with drinking at all, as long as it is done responsibly. You can't look at booze as "evil". It's only evil when you can't stop.

Smoking is a person's personal choice. People young and old smoke so I don't understand why you added that to your statement. You make it sound as if only young people smoke. Same with carrying a weapon. It's not a "young thing" to do, it's somehing a person young or old chooses to do.

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