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Your computer is probably overheating.

It's usually either the CPU or even more likely, the GPU. Your computer will shut itself off to prevent damage.

Try getting a monitoring program to see your temperatures.

A program called SpeedFan should tell you your CPU temperatures and there are many tools you can get for your GPU depending on the model.

What kind of processor and graphics card do you have?

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No it's more like what Chris said. From what you described it's definitely an overheating graphics card. When your PC is idle it's not rebooting, when you start a game, your gfx card comes into action and gets too hot, computer reboots to prevent chip frying. It's a good thing btw, if it didn't do this you'd be looking for a new card. Not enough cool air is getting to it basically.

I've had this happen a couple of times, both times were through my own fault. If you have a spare slot higher up in your case (on your motherboard) put the gfx card on that as it's likely it'll get more air that way, that's all I needed to do to remedy mine. Failing that you may need to put an extra fan in or some shit. An intake though, not an outtake. Preferably blowing air onto the card.

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Every game I play just reboots after playing it a while.

Sometimes I can play for 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes it reboots while loading it!


Because it's only when you play a game, its cos of the overheating of your graphics or CPU

Yeah well like the others have said, its cos your video card or CPU is overheating, and it trips some temperature threshold, so that your stuff doesnt fry. Basically yeah get a software to monitor the temps, and get a aftermarket fan or heatsink for the video card and cpu. are you overclocking? if you are i would turn all that back to default and just see how you go, because that could cause it too.

my friend sorta had this problem, but it was that when he went to load crysis (he had E8400 and 9600gt SLI) the computer would just FREEZE. i thought it was the driver, he thought it was the PSU (he had a corsair HX620), he ended up buying a new psu and upgrading the driver so it works now, but i had a feeling it was the driver...

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