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Hello. I'd like to state a problem on the forums I've gotten just recently (like last night and this morning).


I get this when viewing some topics, and I think it may be the .gif advertisements at the top and bottom of the page, but I am not sure. This problem causes firefox to freeze for a few moments, and then when the error finally comes up, it doesn't matter if I click yes or no, FX crashes everytime.

I was viewing the "Will my PC handle GTA 4" topic at the time of that photo.

Thanks in advance.

-This glitch happens whenever I scroll over any of the advertisements that appear at the bottom of the website, I have just found out (It never fails). The top ones don't seem to cause problems.

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This will be one of the adverts on the site doing something a bit complicated, and your PC might not be able to handle it. Either that or the advert could be broken (if it does it for everyone).

We have no direct control over the adverts (save of removing them altogether), but we can request that dodgy ones don't get shown.

If you get that message, just click yes to stop that script. If it happens to lots of people, we'll try and figure out which advert is causing the problem, and try and solve it.

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