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ExplosiveFX Mod BETA


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[bETA] ExplosiveFX MOD IV

Realistic bursts/ fun force

Making a version with no damage just force with the realistic bursts "to get on buildings"

Ignore music in videos was a quick option as i only listen to scouse doesnt match the vids with scouse lol.


Powerful damage, and push.



Powerful damage, Push, And More realstic Burst's for grenades/Rockets/cars

I must say the car explosions in beta two look 10x better then original and beta 1 just my opinion


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Haha, pretty funny when you're just fucking around. If you made it so they did really low damage but still threw Niko really far, it would be a cool way to get up onto some real high buildings and snipe from :P

Gotta love the ragdoll physics.

seems an idea ye ill see what i can what i can do about it, because im still not sure if the damge rate is also the force rate.

Also Beta 2 added to topic post.

Youll see what i mean by more realistic cloud bursts/flames and forces

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That was cool Bobster! First to see smaller explosions but being sent flyin, it kind of made me think of Ben buja/Machinima vids w/him blowing up fuel tanks & such to send himself flyin, I love the "blooper" vids!

However, for me when it comes to rockets/explosions BIGGER IS BETTER!! I really liked the copter explosion and the cop car exploding at 1:34, it looked like it sent him into orbit, lol

Do you play w/ a controller or mouse Bobster ? I had a Ps3 contoller registered in my pc but no support for it in-game... I wonder if it will be supported in the patch ..

I havent tried yet and I know you edited the gxt, I'm guessing there are some other files we can still edit w/ out special software ... I think Chris referenced familiar files for cars, weapons etc .. I need to make time to look ..

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i use both ye,

All tho i released this mod already on gtaforums and on here its still waiting to be approved on here tho.

O, which one do you use, an Xbox ?

Yea, well I hope someone can help the rest of us get to a place of playin w/ mods .. I wonder if I burn it, it'll fix it ? No, I mean BURN IT!!! :evil:

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