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The first beta version of IPB3 is now out. Since it's still beta and VERY buggy I've just set one up to fuck around on really. Once the final version is release we'll get it installed alongside this one, if it all works, we'll upgrade etc. But that's at least a month or so away.

Anyway, IPB3 offers a lot of new features, and especially tons more on the admin side, which I know won't concern you but it's cool anyway. For those of you who want to familiarise yourself with what's new and how stuff works, head on over to http://www.chrisjp.net/ipb3beta and register.

Feel free to make test posts and do random things, there's not actually any rules there and it won't be moderated (except when we want to test out stuff).

Oh also, for those of you who are retarded, the whole 'fansite' thing is a joke :P

Obviously. We're just testing you know :P

Try the new IPB

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Well, since we are going to upgrade when the official release comes, a new skin will be created?

Meh, I love this forum version and skin, but I guess it's a time of change I guess, for the better too. Anyways, let's hope this is awesome.

Yeah, it'll be based on TGTAP v4. We're not gonna bother reskinning the current forum software as it'll be a waste of time seeing as how soon IPB3 will be out, couple of months I reckon at the most.

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