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Hi I am new to this forum "Multiplayer"

I am thinking about making a short action movieclip in GTA IV and would like anyone who are interesting in participate in the movie.



Slayer Rider (Myself)

Ruth Upper


Jimmy Rider

Driver 1

Driver 2

Driver 3

Driver 4

Driver 5






Pilot 1 (helicopter)

Pilot 2 (helicopter)

Camera crew



- 2




A well respect businessman(Jimmy) arrived in New York from Australia to stop his older brother(Slayer), a notorious leader of ChaosRider.

an crime organization who specialist in major car theft across New York. Jimmy is trying to stop and save his older brother from rival RazorHeart (Ruth)

Will Jimmy save his beloved brother or lose him for good?

This is something that would make a cool action packed plus extra extra violence movie clip for the GTA fan community to entertain!!

So here is my idea for the short movie clip, approx 8mins

-get group of online players to steal four sport cars such as Comet and race to the Shipping Yard before the RazorHeart :pissedred: .

-Have a online player to fly the heli to shoot the RazorHeart while they are chasing the ChaosRider :thumbsup: to the ShippingYard.

-A camera person to flim the races and other action activity

-When two Razerheart car blow up by the heli, get the other RazerHeart player on the rooftop to fire rocket laucher at the heli..

some of the ideas I had come up with and still need more ideas from you guys

Anyone who are interesting joining the movie let me know

Only limited of players joining the movie

Approx onlineplayer- 20

Four players who sign up for camera position, import in YouTube and email me you YouTube ID so I can track down your movieclip and I will download them and add my clip to it and create a 8mins clip and post in YouTube :coolthumbup:

My online player name is Milvers

P.S I will be making a script for the movie and scene to scene so have not finally made a date for the movie to be made....

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You should create a camera position hack like the dashboard mod so you can film in first person.

Hmm. I havn't try that one but I am assume it may not work in Multiplayer? Would give that a try soon

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