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Ways to access the PC,without logging in with a password?


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I know the Safemode shit,but is there any other way to access it.I need help this bad.When i press F8 on my dad's pc,it shows from what i want to boot up,floppy,HDD etc.


Don't hit F8 too soon, try pressing it after the BIOS stuff appears. It takes timing, though... If you're lucky, you might be able to break into the root (Administrator) account.

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from what?

i dont get it...

it would give you a list of choices right?

safe mode

safe mode with networking

safe mode with command prompt

last known good configuration


edit.. ahh u must be pressing it too early. wait til after the bios information screen thingy (that says all your cpu stuff etc) goes away, then press it.

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