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Reasons you love TGTAP


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TGTAP is the only site I joined first time round when I was a newb. Yep, I have been here for quite some time, and I'm glad that I'm actually part of this community, which feels great tbh. I've never been on any site other than this, because not only is it a small community, but it's probably the nicest community I've been on (With a few exceptions of some idiots on here). I will probably stay here till I feel I want to leave, but that will be in a long time.

So TGTAP = :awesome:

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Of course everyone knows how to use spoiler tags...

tgtap sucks donkey balls

Who doesn't, for rayrob the table code will be a shitter because only those who know how to create decent topics know how to use the table tags.


I also like it here because I can talk to people about many things and usually end up in a discussion about it, mainly with the FFM members, Chris and Sherman.

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