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I don't know how to respond to the topic or the situation. At all.... :mellow:

lol nub.

Husky, there was no point for that post. All you said was admitting you had no real understanding of what he was asking, and so had no need to reply to the topic. And a pretty crappy excuse to get the word 'Fuck' in there too, GJ.

Stonyx: We aren't connected with GTA Stunting . com, so we don't know the reason why their site is down. There is bad weather in some parts of the US right now, so that could be what's wrong, alot of other sites have been down, as their servers are in that area.

Não estamos ligados ao GTA Stunting.com, como consequencia disso não sabemos porque e que o site deles foi abaixo. O tempo esta mau em algumas partes dos Estados Unidos, esse pode vir a ser o problema, muitos dos seUs sites foram abaixo porque os servidores estao nessa area.

Topic Closed.

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