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IMG Tool 2.0 or SAMI?



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  1. 1. So?

    • IMG Tool 2.0
    • SAMI
    • I didn't mod the game
    • I never want to mod it
    • Never heard of it.

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Well i used SAMI for nearly all my san andreas mods. Havent had any issues yet, although if the SAMI backups get deleted or corrupt or whatever then yeah your sorta stuffed.

in vice city i used imgtool, i tried vice city mod manager (which uses .vcm files) that was terrible. i installed a mod. then i go look in the game and the original car is there, no mod at all... :S

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Well, since SAMI is specifically listed, I'd say the GTA SA Modding section would've been appropriate.

I use SAMI, because I'm a lazy fuck. If manual install is too difficult and SAMI is being a bitch, I delete the mod and forget I ever downloaded it. I'm a stubborn bitch. However, I have this bad habit of installing like 10 vehicles at a time then trying to play.... One of those vehicles ends up being corrupt.... Then I have to make a copy of my directory, uninstall each mod one by one and test the game in between until I find the culprit.

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