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7th Grader smells sisters panties... How sick is this?


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That's kind of fucked up that some one would do that to some one. It would be embarrassing to post that shit but then have your worst fear materialize like that. I quite honestly don't wish that shit on my worst enemy. I'd probably kill me self or leave never to be seen again, if it happened to me. Then again it could be just some BS internet story, which quite frankly, I hope it is. :down:

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Ah ha ha...you're all too immature to have heard of SARCASM...deary...

lol, you'd think a bunch of people on an internet forum wouldn't be so gullible...oh, wait...

And why would your location have ANYTHING to do with whether you're a virgin or not? You're 14, and have a picture of fucking BOXXY as your profile picture. That alone should tell us enough about you. Get off of /b/ and find yourself a life.


I live in Hoopa, California.

The city with the youngest average loss of virginity in the U.S.


As I always have said, getting raped by your uncle doesn't count as losing your virginity. It's being robbed of your purity!

And I lost euros over if women had a third hole or not. THey do

Poor guy, sure he had a weird habit, but that other member shato n him completely, funny, but sad.

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